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March 11th, 2010

Red Hot Niches – How To Find Them

I know I have covered niche selection in previous posts but I want to come back to this briefly as I think there’s plenty more to cover.

I have already said that if you get this part wrong you’ll be struggling from day one, this is true, even with effective strategy and good traffic and good SEO skills etc you will still be on an uphill climb if no one wants what you are trying to offer them.

On the flip side, if you hit a red hot niche that is in demand, has little competition and you have something of value to offer then exactly the reverse is true. It would be so easy to be successful in this type of niche you would have to be deaf, blind and wholly incapable not to make a profit. You would be making sales from the start with little promotion, life is a breeze when you hit just the right niche at just the right time.

I’m not going to pretend that these types of niche are abundant and you can trip over them everywhere you go but what I can tell you avid readers is that if you know what to look out for you can spot them easily when they come along. If you are ready and waiting when they arrive and you can get in early then the profit potential is limitless for this type of niche.

So by now you’re probably thinking OK stop with the cloak and dagger stuff and give us some examples already! Oh I wish I could dear I.M’ers, I am a giving kind of guy and while I’m always happy to give you the benefit of my experience I’m not about to hand you a mega secret highly profitable super niche just because you asked me! That would be a lil’ silly, and costly from my point of view.

BUT.. I can tell you how you can spot these niches, how often they arise and where to look for them.
The word ‘niches’ is used so much sometimes it’s hard to relate what an actual niche is to real life, but you will find that red hot niche opportunities appear reasonably frequently if you are looking for them. 

A very successful acquaintance once told me that he makes a six figure income every year by simply flicking through O magazine, Oprah’s lifestyle mag?  Now that is the sort of tip that if you were willing to put in the time can make you some serious money, why? Because Oprah is a trend setter, quite often a hot niche is born just by appearing on Oprah, so if you were to watch closely and put a quick blogger blog up on the ‘hot topic of the moment’ I KNOW you will generate big traffic and in turn a decent affiliate income. OK it would take a bit of practice but after a few goes you could spot a potential hot niche in no time, build a blog with the niche keywords in the title, post daily and bam! Within days you’re at No. 1 in Google and getting 1000+ visits a day. It’s not going to be hard to turn a modest income from that sort of attention now is it!

So that’s one way to spot a hot niche, another? Reality shows, they are the biggest thing on TV right now and if you pay attention you can spot when an immerging talent is destined for great things. Here’s an example, a few years back before straight talking English folk were all over US TV there was a singing competition in the UK called The X Factor and one hopeful contestant was named Leona Lewis, now anyone with half a brain could see she had serious talent and there was a good chance she would go on to either win or do well in the pop charts, so early on I registered a web domain with her name and built a quick fan site, each week I blogged about her progress in the competition so by the time she won I had a site with a good few posts that was already in sight of Google, I continued a quick post every few days and after the tabloid press attention died down I was sitting there at number 3 for the search term ‘Leona Lewis’, the site quickly became an authority site for Leona and got huge traffic.

It hadn’t taken more than a few hours work in total and within a few weeks I had a major hot niche and I was right at the top! Obviously a well placed domain name helped allot in this case but that’s the great thing about spotting newly developing niches, the premium domain names are still available because the main audience has yet to see the potential so you get the fast action bonus!

There you have just a few examples of how you can find a smoking hot niche under your very nose, every day ready and waiting, you just have to keep your eyes and ears open.

So if you are still looking for a niche to start with it;’s worth remembering that new and exciting niches are continually emerging you don’t have to go with the same as everyone else, in fact it’s good to try something different, just be sure to do your research to make sure that what your looking at has enough potential to be profitable in the long term.

For more tips and a free report on uncovering profitable niches take a look at Micro Niche Finder

October 12th, 2009

Budgie Plays tennis!

You lot thought that there was no such thing is Budgie Tennis didn’t you..

well this video should silence a few nay sayers..


OK so maybe there isn’t much Tennis going on here, and maybe there is only one Budgie, and no net.. or court.. But apart from those things this is Budgie Tennis people!

This just highlights my point about niche research, if I had gone ahead with my idea about selling tennis lessons to Budgies then I may have wasted allot of time developing the product only to find that most of the Budgies were interested in playing squash.

So now I know that Budgie tennis probably isn’t a winner I can move on to find a better niche.. 

I wonder if Meerkats would play Vollyball… Hmm

October 11th, 2009

Section 1: Niche Selection

Orgainc Parrot Food – Budgie Tennis..

What do these two apparently random groups of words have in common?

Wow you’re quick hey! That’s right they are both niche markets!

I know we have touched on Niche market selection recently but it’s so darn important I want to expand on it a little more.

I have already mentioned that correct niche selection is important to the future of your new business right?
Well I will amend that statement – It’s THE most important factor! If you jump on to an idea because it would be cool to create a business in that niche then you may just as well not bother. Without proper research you could be attempting to set up your business in a niche that has no customers, no need for what you are selling or is soooo competitive you would need an advertising budget 6 figures long to even get a look-in.

So lets get real here people, it’s really, really rather important. So if you haven’t spent the time researching your preferred niche then you need to, you really do! Hopefully I have got across the importance of this subject so we can move on.. Phew! :-)

So Budgie Tennis.. interested? Probably not, I’m not. I don’t know anyone who is, but out of 1.5 billion internet users there will probably be a good number that would love to teach their budgie to play the odd singles match every now and then. – This is the essence of a niche, if you set up a shop selling organic Parrot food in your local high street do you think it would sell enough to be profitable? Not a hope! Not even in a big city. But if you were to set up a website on the net and researched your niche and found your audience and what they were looking to buy there is a good chance you would make a nice income from a relatively untapped niche. Because it’s such a specific niche you can be sure the competition will be small and it will be much easier to zoom right in on the audience that is looking for exactly what you are offering.

If you take action on just one thing from this blog do this, research your niche, make sure you know your audience, know the keywords in that niche, know what your customers are looking to buy or what common problem they have. Then you can build your business with the confidence of knowing where you are headed and what you need to achieve. It’s an easy step to miss out but do so at your peril!

Hehe that sounded pretty scary hey.. Well it should be!!! Research your niche Gosh Darn it!!!

OK enough jumping up and down, you get the point. I’m not going to go into detail about how to go about researching your niche as it’s a post in it’s own right but I will be jotting down the important points in a future post. In the mean time I’ll mention the free report you can get on Micro Niche selection that will be very helpful in this area. You will need to put in your first name and email to get the report but that’s no big deal and it’s interesting stuff. So if you’re keen to get cracking head over to this page and take a look at the report.. ==> Micro Niche Finder

September 24th, 2009

Section 1. – Niche Selection

Passion Project vs. Calculated Niches: Which is More Profitable?

Finding a niche that is both massively profitable and personally enjoyable for you to work in can be difficult for internet marketers. Unless you’re interests are ultra-specific, and fall well outside of the bounds of mainstream culture, it’s likely that you’ll end up competing with hundreds, or even thousands, of other opportunistic internet marketers trying to make money in the same niche. While the major mainstream niches are often saturated with competition, made up of both passionate enthusiasts and activists, and imitators trying to make the most of a popular niche, it can still be possible to exploit the dynamics and possibilities of these niches in your favour.

Is it possible to make a better living from dominating popular niches than by dominating ultra-specific ones? It’s certainly a bigger market to play in, but on the whole the answer is most likely no. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the amount of effort and work required to dominate an ultra-competitive niche is massive, and the time dedication can prevent you from working on other projects. Secondly, with the massive amount of competition, you’re constantly worrying about your competitors and trying to anticipate their moves. This isn’t the mark of a happy business, so unless you can remake the market in your image, you’ll ultimately spend equal amounts of time looking backward as you do looking forward.

If you think you can handle this, then go ahead and give it a shot. If you’ve got the dedication (and most importantly, the passion) then you may well end up near the top of the pile. However, there are other avenues to online success, mostly through the use of ultra-specific and specialized niches that can yield massive rewards to those that research them before entering the marketplace. These niches aren’t ultra-competitive like their more general counterparts, and the audience size isn’t as wide, however they can offer massive payouts for those that are smart enough, and dedicated enough, to master their dynamics and market possibilities.

So, which one is for you? The ultra-profitable and hugely time consuming passion project, or the more refined and calculated ultra-niche idea? In the end, most online empires seem to be built on a combination of the two — years of hard work and research in a field that the entrepreneur is passionate about, combined with the calculations and hard data that come with a large amount of research into markets and commercial viability. In the end, this is where you want to be. There’s nothing worse than being involved in something with no idea of where you’re moving and how you’re going to get there, and you can’t ride the market forever. Invest some time into planning what niches your project will excel in, and it’ll pay off big in the long run.

If you need help in finding profitable niches with little competition grab this free report that will show you how to do exactly that. It covers a few niche finding methods that only a few people know about and use effectively.

=> The secret to finding profitable niches

September 23rd, 2009

Tutorial: Niche Marketing A–>Z

Welcome to the first part in this tutorial series: Niche Marketing A-Z

This will be an ongoinbg series with regular posts that will take you through the basic principals of building your niche business.

You can find the whole series in one place by clicking on the “Niche Marketing A –>Z” topic on the right side bar, there you can find each post from the start.

I hope you find it usful and insightful.