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July 6th, 2010

Test – Track – Tweak, Track – Test..

By now you’ve probably guessed that I’m all about simple ways to make money with Niche Marketing.

I’m not keen on over complicated systems that involve too much testing tracking and tweaking.

To be quite honest with you it bores me!

That’s why I pricked up my ears when Davion Wong said he’d made $147,443.30 within 9 months using a one click Niche Marketing system that can be set up and running within 5 minutes..

“OK.. You’ve got my attention Davion!” I said..

He went on..


 This One-Click system gives you ready built Review Websites in 3 Profitable Niche markets that:

  1. Presell and convert visitors into buyers
  2. Squeeze visitors into your lists
  3. Follow up with your subscribers automatically and promote your offers over and over

And you don’t even need to set up and host the website!

Everything is set up for you automatically. All the Niche Markets are pre researched, all the testing and tracking has been done for you.

In fact there is no tedious work involved at all, just focus on sending traffic to your ready built niche websites and let the sales funnel and follow up systems do all the work for you.

You even get ton of ready built articles, videos and keywords to help you drive the traffic


A FREE traffic training membership that trains you to drive targeted, free traffic
for life!

“OK,Davion” I said…

“So you’re telling me that you’ve built a complete turnkey niche marketing business with everything you need ready and setup in 5 minutes??”

“Yep!” He said..

“Ok that is simple!!” I said..

If you haven’t yet got a money making website up and running (that’s actually making money!)

 then you need to see this.. ReadyNicheProfits

If you’re confused with all the of different methods and tasks involved in creating a niche business and still unsure where to start then this is the answer.

Just plug it in and drive the traffic. –  Job Done.

March 11th, 2010

Red Hot Niches – How To Find Them

I know I have covered niche selection in previous posts but I want to come back to this briefly as I think there’s plenty more to cover.

I have already said that if you get this part wrong you’ll be struggling from day one, this is true, even with effective strategy and good traffic and good SEO skills etc you will still be on an uphill climb if no one wants what you are trying to offer them.

On the flip side, if you hit a red hot niche that is in demand, has little competition and you have something of value to offer then exactly the reverse is true. It would be so easy to be successful in this type of niche you would have to be deaf, blind and wholly incapable not to make a profit. You would be making sales from the start with little promotion, life is a breeze when you hit just the right niche at just the right time.

I’m not going to pretend that these types of niche are abundant and you can trip over them everywhere you go but what I can tell you avid readers is that if you know what to look out for you can spot them easily when they come along. If you are ready and waiting when they arrive and you can get in early then the profit potential is limitless for this type of niche.

So by now you’re probably thinking OK stop with the cloak and dagger stuff and give us some examples already! Oh I wish I could dear I.M’ers, I am a giving kind of guy and while I’m always happy to give you the benefit of my experience I’m not about to hand you a mega secret highly profitable super niche just because you asked me! That would be a lil’ silly, and costly from my point of view.

BUT.. I can tell you how you can spot these niches, how often they arise and where to look for them.
The word ‘niches’ is used so much sometimes it’s hard to relate what an actual niche is to real life, but you will find that red hot niche opportunities appear reasonably frequently if you are looking for them. 

A very successful acquaintance once told me that he makes a six figure income every year by simply flicking through O magazine, Oprah’s lifestyle mag?  Now that is the sort of tip that if you were willing to put in the time can make you some serious money, why? Because Oprah is a trend setter, quite often a hot niche is born just by appearing on Oprah, so if you were to watch closely and put a quick blogger blog up on the ‘hot topic of the moment’ I KNOW you will generate big traffic and in turn a decent affiliate income. OK it would take a bit of practice but after a few goes you could spot a potential hot niche in no time, build a blog with the niche keywords in the title, post daily and bam! Within days you’re at No. 1 in Google and getting 1000+ visits a day. It’s not going to be hard to turn a modest income from that sort of attention now is it!

So that’s one way to spot a hot niche, another? Reality shows, they are the biggest thing on TV right now and if you pay attention you can spot when an immerging talent is destined for great things. Here’s an example, a few years back before straight talking English folk were all over US TV there was a singing competition in the UK called The X Factor and one hopeful contestant was named Leona Lewis, now anyone with half a brain could see she had serious talent and there was a good chance she would go on to either win or do well in the pop charts, so early on I registered a web domain with her name and built a quick fan site, each week I blogged about her progress in the competition so by the time she won I had a site with a good few posts that was already in sight of Google, I continued a quick post every few days and after the tabloid press attention died down I was sitting there at number 3 for the search term ‘Leona Lewis’, the site quickly became an authority site for Leona and got huge traffic.

It hadn’t taken more than a few hours work in total and within a few weeks I had a major hot niche and I was right at the top! Obviously a well placed domain name helped allot in this case but that’s the great thing about spotting newly developing niches, the premium domain names are still available because the main audience has yet to see the potential so you get the fast action bonus!

There you have just a few examples of how you can find a smoking hot niche under your very nose, every day ready and waiting, you just have to keep your eyes and ears open.

So if you are still looking for a niche to start with it;’s worth remembering that new and exciting niches are continually emerging you don’t have to go with the same as everyone else, in fact it’s good to try something different, just be sure to do your research to make sure that what your looking at has enough potential to be profitable in the long term.

For more tips and a free report on uncovering profitable niches take a look at Micro Niche Finder

September 28th, 2009

Income Generating Blogs

The second half of the first decade in this new century has seen the rise of an internet phenomenon - weblogs or blogs for short.  They have virtually taken over the internet with millions in existence ranging from personal to corporate.  What they provide that many websites have failed to do in the past, is to create a unique interaction with the reader.

 Website content can sometimes feel cold, distant and generalized whereas reading a blog post is more warm and personal.  Often it gives an unprecedented insight into the thinking’s and feelings of the person writing the entry.  In a purely business perspective this can be crucial, it can allow the vendor to truly connect with potential and current customers in a way in which a website can’t do.  Inevitably the question of money arises, as with everything in life.  Can you make money from your blog?  Yes, you can but it won’t come easily. A blog isn’t something you can make on the Sunday and have a steady profit on the Wednesday - like everything it takes time and effort. However this is not to discourage you from joining the blog revolution, it is still a relatively new media and there is plenty of scope for new bloggers to become successful. 

It is estimated that a new blog is created every second however many of these are created by individuals thinking that they can earn a quick buck through it, in reality these users have little or no concept of the skills it takes to optimize your blog.  Making money from it is not just as simple as posting your views, rants and commenting on issues that are personal to you, it is much more than that. Your blog needs to be optimized for search engines (SEO – Search Engine Optimization) so that it reaches the widest possible audience, it also has to be marketed correctly on blog directories.

Your blog itself has to be designed so that it is appealing to general internet users as have features such as an RSS feed. It is only after your blog has been sufficiently optimized that you can even think about generating some income.  This should not put you off however because a blog should contain something you enjoy writing about and then once you have a stable level of traffic you can begin to make money.

 Today’s reader freebie is a special report on professional Blogging Called ”The Secret Blogging Blueprint”  – it will tell you all the basics you need to set up your blog, optimize it and then finally to monetize it so that it reaches its full potential.  If you have a blog or are thinking of joining the blog revolution then the Secret Blogging Blueprint below should be on your reading list.  

Grab your free copy of the  Secret Blogging Blueprint.

September 23rd, 2009

Why most fail and how to avoid it..

It’s a powerful headline, and as sad as it seems it’s a very real one. The scary fact is in percentage terms most of you reading this post will fail to reach your goals online. I know the reason for this – I know how to avoid this – and in this post I’m going to share it with you.

I’m going to be honest with you, I’m not a numbers man I’m an ideas man. I think in pictures and dream in full HD but I can’t remember my own phone number and Maths was always a foreign language to me! In school it was always “must try harder” and “fails to commit to his work.” My teachers gave up on me as just lazy and I was left to daydream in class most of the time.

I won’t bore you with the long version but it turned out that I had Dyslexia and ADHD. My memory is rubbish and my attention span is very short but you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. Because of this I feel I know myself very well, I have had to adapt to many things and through that process I have got to know my strengths and what I struggle with. These days I play to my strengths and use tools and outsource the stuff I find tricky, rather than just putting off or worse still not doing the things I find difficult or boring. I use software where I can to automate and handle the boring stuff and I outsource the rest. This has been the most important lesson to learn in my life. I’m not saying give up if you can’t do something, it’s important to learn as much as you can about your business but you will soon find what you enjoy, what you are good at and what tasks are more of a challenge. So don’t beat yourself up about it, we are all made different thankfully and what one person finds impossible another will find a walk in the park.

Ask yourself this: What do you think would happen if you forced yourself to do the stuff you found frustrating, difficult or boring? I can answer that for you – you will either end up with something substandard or you would just give up and move on to something else. Now that’s the shame of it, so many people start on the right path but then give up once they hit a mental road block. If they had looked for some help they could have continued doing the tasks they found rewarding and interesting and not lost the fun element of the project which is so essential. Before you shout at your monitor – “I can’t afford to pay people to work for me!” That’s fine, if you don’t have any funds to get others to help, you can still find help through sharing resources. Through forums you can offer your own services like copy writing for example in return for someone creating a header for your website. Why spend time leanring Photoshop to create a header when you can write a sales letter which comes easy and get a header in return.

So if you want to buck the trend and succeed where others fail then find what you do best and do it! Then I’ll help you with the other stuff. Luckily in the internet marketing world there are quite a few clever chaps and they are forever bringing out tools for making our life easier and helping us make money. If you sign-up to the NMN newsletter at the top I’ll make sure you hear about the tools that work and the resources I use to build my own business.

So if you only take away one thing from this blog then I hope it’s this – know yourself, know your strengths – and do what you do best!

September 22nd, 2009

So what’s it all about?

Well ironically niche marketing can cover a very broad range of subjects and activities, but when we talk about niche marketing as a genre it is referring to a method of marketing to a very targeted area of any given market. This enables us to gain access to a small part of a much bigger marketplace where there will be less competition and much better opportunity to make money.

To summarize the process in its most basic form successful  niche marketing is about finding just the right niche, researching what the target audience is looking for in that niche and what problems  if any they are having, then providing them with what they are looking for or solving the problems they were having, then it’s simply a case of showing your target audience that you have the answer to their problems or the info that they need. It’s a simple idea but when implemented correctly  can be as effective as any marketing method on the net. The simplicity is the key to the whole deal. This process is about making the best possible choices at every stage and using the best possible tools to help you achieve your goals along the way so the end product is as good as it can possibly be.

If you want to join us on this journey when we crack the niche marketing  code simply subscribe to the newsletter at the top of the right hand column and I’ll let you know each time a new lesson is created and you will also be first in line for a great selection of Niche Marketing goodies too!  I can’t say too much about what we have for newsletter subscribers just yet as Paul has made me promise not to tell anyone until the package is complete and seriously now folks.. he WILL kick my ass if I tell you so you’ll just have to wait and see but I can tell you it will be worth waiting for, I’m not just talking about eBooks here, listen.. if I said free memberships, free software and possibly top marketing scripts you won’t be far away from what might be on offer, but you didn’t hear that from me OK?
So get your first name and email in the box while the going is good and let’s get stuck in..

In the next post I’m going to reveal why most of you will fail to achieve your goals online. Come back tomorrow to find out why and how to avoid it..