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October 12th, 2009

Budgie Plays tennis!

You lot thought that there was no such thing is Budgie Tennis didn’t you..

well this video should silence a few nay sayers..


OK so maybe there isn’t much Tennis going on here, and maybe there is only one Budgie, and no net.. or court.. But apart from those things this is Budgie Tennis people!

This just highlights my point about niche research, if I had gone ahead with my idea about selling tennis lessons to Budgies then I may have wasted allot of time developing the product only to find that most of the Budgies were interested in playing squash.

So now I know that Budgie tennis probably isn’t a winner I can move on to find a better niche.. 

I wonder if Meerkats would play Vollyball… Hmm

October 11th, 2009

Section 1: Niche Selection

Orgainc Parrot Food – Budgie Tennis..

What do these two apparently random groups of words have in common?

Wow you’re quick hey! That’s right they are both niche markets!

I know we have touched on Niche market selection recently but it’s so darn important I want to expand on it a little more.

I have already mentioned that correct niche selection is important to the future of your new business right?
Well I will amend that statement – It’s THE most important factor! If you jump on to an idea because it would be cool to create a business in that niche then you may just as well not bother. Without proper research you could be attempting to set up your business in a niche that has no customers, no need for what you are selling or is soooo competitive you would need an advertising budget 6 figures long to even get a look-in.

So lets get real here people, it’s really, really rather important. So if you haven’t spent the time researching your preferred niche then you need to, you really do! Hopefully I have got across the importance of this subject so we can move on.. Phew! :-)

So Budgie Tennis.. interested? Probably not, I’m not. I don’t know anyone who is, but out of 1.5 billion internet users there will probably be a good number that would love to teach their budgie to play the odd singles match every now and then. – This is the essence of a niche, if you set up a shop selling organic Parrot food in your local high street do you think it would sell enough to be profitable? Not a hope! Not even in a big city. But if you were to set up a website on the net and researched your niche and found your audience and what they were looking to buy there is a good chance you would make a nice income from a relatively untapped niche. Because it’s such a specific niche you can be sure the competition will be small and it will be much easier to zoom right in on the audience that is looking for exactly what you are offering.

If you take action on just one thing from this blog do this, research your niche, make sure you know your audience, know the keywords in that niche, know what your customers are looking to buy or what common problem they have. Then you can build your business with the confidence of knowing where you are headed and what you need to achieve. It’s an easy step to miss out but do so at your peril!

Hehe that sounded pretty scary hey.. Well it should be!!! Research your niche Gosh Darn it!!!

OK enough jumping up and down, you get the point. I’m not going to go into detail about how to go about researching your niche as it’s a post in it’s own right but I will be jotting down the important points in a future post. In the mean time I’ll mention the free report you can get on Micro Niche selection that will be very helpful in this area. You will need to put in your first name and email to get the report but that’s no big deal and it’s interesting stuff. So if you’re keen to get cracking head over to this page and take a look at the report.. ==> Micro Niche Finder