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The second half of the first decade in this new century has seen the rise of an internet phenomenon - weblogs or blogs for short.  They have virtually taken over the internet with millions in existence ranging from personal to corporate.  What they provide that many websites have failed to do in the past, is to create a unique interaction with the reader.

 Website content can sometimes feel cold, distant and generalized whereas reading a blog post is more warm and personal.  Often it gives an unprecedented insight into the thinking’s and feelings of the person writing the entry.  In a purely business perspective this can be crucial, it can allow the vendor to truly connect with potential and current customers in a way in which a website can’t do.  Inevitably the question of money arises, as with everything in life.  Can you make money from your blog?  Yes, you can but it won’t come easily. A blog isn’t something you can make on the Sunday and have a steady profit on the Wednesday - like everything it takes time and effort. However this is not to discourage you from joining the blog revolution, it is still a relatively new media and there is plenty of scope for new bloggers to become successful. 

It is estimated that a new blog is created every second however many of these are created by individuals thinking that they can earn a quick buck through it, in reality these users have little or no concept of the skills it takes to optimize your blog.  Making money from it is not just as simple as posting your views, rants and commenting on issues that are personal to you, it is much more than that. Your blog needs to be optimized for search engines (SEO – Search Engine Optimization) so that it reaches the widest possible audience, it also has to be marketed correctly on blog directories.

Your blog itself has to be designed so that it is appealing to general internet users as have features such as an RSS feed. It is only after your blog has been sufficiently optimized that you can even think about generating some income.  This should not put you off however because a blog should contain something you enjoy writing about and then once you have a stable level of traffic you can begin to make money.

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