So what’s it all about?

Well ironically niche marketing can cover a very broad range of subjects and activities, but when we talk about niche marketing as a genre it is referring to a method of marketing to a very targeted area of any given market. This enables us to gain access to a small part of a much bigger marketplace where there will be less competition and much better opportunity to make money.

To summarize the process in its most basic form successful  niche marketing is about finding just the right niche, researching what the target audience is looking for in that niche and what problems  if any they are having, then providing them with what they are looking for or solving the problems they were having, then it’s simply a case of showing your target audience that you have the answer to their problems or the info that they need. It’s a simple idea but when implemented correctly  can be as effective as any marketing method on the net. The simplicity is the key to the whole deal. This process is about making the best possible choices at every stage and using the best possible tools to help you achieve your goals along the way so the end product is as good as it can possibly be.

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In the next post I’m going to reveal why most of you will fail to achieve your goals online. Come back tomorrow to find out why and how to avoid it..

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